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- ShindanMaker (en) Create; HOT; Creators; Tweets; Log in; What is Your Nen Type and Ability? Any of four specific types (Aardwolf, Striped Hyena, Brown Hyena, Spotted Hyena) of Feliformia. Biscuit also had Gon and Killua fight Knuckle right after the end of the exercise.[56]. [92] Ken allows a Nen user to guard against attacks from any direction, but the large amount of aura produced makes it tiring to maintain. They have a less fluffy tail than squirrels do. Agile like a squirrel, the Fossa can leap easily from tree to tree. A species of raptor, they have distinct scythe shaped wings when spread. Small, lithe bodied, arboreal or terrestial (depending upon the species) nocturnal mammal. [29] The reverse is also true, with restrictions granting greater power to a Nen user even on occasions where they run no risks, such as when Gon charged his Rock to acquire "King White Stag Beetle"[150] and during the dodgeball match against Razor. Even a weak attack enhanced with Nen could do massive damage. as 操) allow the user to control living or non-living things, including aura constructs. Coronavirus Facts Quiz: Test Your Pandemic Knowledge. Crack generator. [7] The pores or points on the body from which aura flows out from are called "Aura Nodes" (精(しょう)孔(こう)()()()()()()()(), Shōkō). The ability to bend light. Even a full body would work. You must devote a considerable amount of trying and feed the stone your aura for a certain amount of time each day to add on to the aura reserve. The effect can last anywhere from a few seconds, to a few minutes (most common) to, if the dragon puts enough force into it, being a permanent effect. Write your own ability include name, Nen type and Description. [29], Killua can transmute his aura into electricity. The dragon is immune to the effects of lightning damage. Aura from all parts of the body has a tendency to flow together, producing one mass of energy. This is a Hunter x Hunter post. Attention must be paid and concentration given to the fire, or else the form will vanish. so the ability I came up with is a blend of "one for all" from boku no hero and the "philosopher's stone" from fmab. It teleports the player[62] to a privately owned island which does not appear on any map. [8] Once it has been learned, it will never be forgotten, much like cycling and swimming. [85], In can be countered by using Gyo in the eyes or through Zetsu. The ability to manipulate sleep cycles and dreams with the mind. The ability to control the weather with the mind. For example, the Enhancers Uvogin, Phinks, and Nobunaga didn't get along well with Hisoka, a Transmuter. Omnivorous rodents similar to squirrels. What type of ability would you like to have? The difficulty of the game can be increased by adding a second hand, creating more pips, changing their size and shape, and having them move at different speeds and in different directions. The ability to manipulate objects from a distance with the mind. This will often include magics that have to do with revealing things or blessing/cursing things. A carnivorous mammal with short, coarse fur that's usually yellow to pale gold in color, tipped with brown, though the coloration may vary slightly due to season. [8] Despite being much quicker, this method is typically frowned upon by Nen instructors due to the danger it poses to the student if the user is inexperienced or has malicious intent,[8] and it is not considered a standard teaching method. A Level 10 Conjurer can only master Conjuration abilities that require an amount of skill equal to or lower than Level 10. [16], Ryu (流(リュウ), Ryū; "Flow") is the term for use of Gyo from a state of Ken to perform real-time offensive and defensive value adjustments. Nen The farther apart the fingertips are when the student begins to feel the presence of aura, the greater their predisposition. The ability to manipulate ice. Similar to the xeno ability. [137] Nen beasts generally have anthropomorphic or animal appearances, but that is not always the case. The Nen abilities are revealed in the second arc, in which the big action begins. [5] Abilities of this type are especially feared since the fight can be brought to an end as soon as the conditions are met. One creates a "pip" out of their aura on their hand and makes it move in a linear fashion. The ability to feel and respond to the emotional states of others. Note, though, that despite being invisible, the dragon is not intangible. At low levels, only one or two may be influenced, but cannot be made to go against their nature. One's growth can also be stunted by training the wrong Nen categories.[26][5][27]. Are you honest, frank and free from ambiguity or pretense? By creating an ability that one isn't suited for, one risks stagnating their potential by overloading their capacity for using Nen[5] something Hisoka calls "Memory Overload". This is the ability to understand the "collective consciousness" of plants. This makes curse-type abilities much more difficult to remove, to the point that fewer than ten Exorcists in the whole world were deemed capable of lifting a curse left by the deceased. [14] The degree of control is, for the most part, determined by a condition that may or may not put the Manipulator at risk or at a disadvantage (such as attaching objects on the enemy, touching the enemy in a certain way): the higher the difficulty for the condition to be achieved, the better the degree of control. They are hard and can withstand a fair amount of abuse, and any edges are incredibly sharp, but they also refract light from themselves. A similar calculation may be used to determine a relation between aura output and aura reserves. [35], Affinity with nature is connected to sensitivity for aura. Additionally, since the creator did not view human corpses as mere objects, despite them otherwise fitting the definition of puppet, Chrollo, who inherited the ability and had no such compunction, was still unable to manipulate corpses via Order Stamp, which however could be used on replicas of corpses. "I will die if I break this rule") will strengthen the ability even further. This topic is now archived and is closed to further replies. [56] Since mastery of Nen leads to attunement with nature,[36] this has led to the credence that good Hunters are well-liked by animals. Rihan's Predator shares some affinities with exorcistical abilities, although there are also notable differences[106] which leave it questionable whether it counts as one. The dragon is extremely long lived, even for its race. They are insubstantial and cannot be harmed except by light magic. [4][note 4], At first, Hatsu appears simply as a consequence of using Ren during Water Divination; however, it is more than a mere property of the latter, and it can be trained individually either through Water Divination itself, which however seems to only affect the user's natural category,[5] or by honing one's skills in a Nen category via specific exercises. The ability to shift between alternate planes of existence. [14] However, it is a common belief that Enhancers generally do not need special techniques as their natural category already has the best balance between attack and defense as its primary attribute. They make many noises, especially barks, chirps, and squeaks, are naturally curious about everything, and have delicate bones and generally do not like to be picked up. Mereum was the chimera ant prince. Notable geniuses within the series include: In order to fully grasp Nen, one must first learn the Four Major Principles (四(よん)大(たい)行(ぎょう)()()()()()()(), Yontaigyō—lit. They also have small, rounded, black ears. [17] Through frequent meditation and practice, one can improve the quality of their Ten and even maintain it in their sleep. It is utilized to damage a Ken user without leaving oneself as unprotected as during Ko, although the power of the technique is lower. Everything else, including a practitioner of Nen's individual skills, is based on the basic manipulations of one's aura flow. A small rodent, with stout-bodies, short tails, small furry ears, short stocky legs, and wide feet. The commentators themselves appear to have no knowledge of Nen,[58] not even the ones overseeing Floor Master matches. [79] In most cases, Ren reflects the user's hostility without their control, and it can even leave faint traces in the environment after the Nen user has left the scene. [62] Upon hearing of cards that could cure all ills and restore one's youth, billionnaire Battera used his influence and wealth to hide the details of the game from the public and hired scores of players to clear it in an attempt to save the woman he loved.[64]. It can be tap dancing upon dry leaves and still manage to make no sound if it doesn't want to. The dragon must hold eye contact while using this ability. "Sense Point"). [16] An incomplete version of this technique can be utilized without Ren, primarily to master the other steps before increasing the amount of aura to concentrate and contain. These undead soldiers will retain their Nen and Nen abilities if they had any when they were alive. [57] According to his theory: Furykov was able to construct a system to identify Nen users[100] and their Nen types[19] through observation alone, which he claimed is the result of his experience. [63], However, while said Conjurer could potentially create the same ability as a Level 4 Emitter, his effective output would pale in comparison with the Emitter's. Though Nen is influenced by one's mental condition and emotional state, it is difficult to judge exactly to what extent these factors affect Nen.

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