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Are More Authors Than You Think Making a Living Self-Publishing? But the living room window was open, so whoever was out there should have heard us hollering. If you’ve read my Death Before Dragons urban fantasy series, you’ve met Val’s boss Colonel Willard (and her cat Maggie). When I talk about blogging, I try to keep the posts positive, but I know it can be useful to get a list of what-not-to-do suggestions as well. ), but I published the eighth installment in my Star Kingdom series last month. So far, all I’d managed to do while meditating was put together a mental to-do list that included getting a Costco membership so I could buy meat for Zav in bulk and picking up new magical ammunition from Nin. Of course, if you kick in more, you can get signed paperbacks, copies of the completed audiobooks, extra scenes, and other goodies. ), Tangled Truths: An Urban Fantasy Dragon Series (Death Before Dragons Book 3), ( Crazy times, guys! Just keep a pulse on who your readers are and what they want. Naomi accidentally goes to another planet thanks to a unicorn horn. wrote up a blog post detailing how I was doing, Advanced Review Copies of Conspiracy (Emperor’s Edge 4), a Kickstarter campaign to help fund future Emperor’s Edge audiobooks, it’s not too late to throw $5 into the pot, 5 Tips for Bringing More Readers to Your Blog, Choosing a Genre for Your Self-Published Book with M.H. Being active on social media sites such as Twitter is another way. Myranda is a young woman more interested in staying alive than being a hero. The story must getting better the deeper things get! And, of those authors, how many only became die-hard favorites after you read five or ten books by them? The complete series for all of these books are available on Apple, Barnes & Noble, Amazon, Kobo, and Google Play. She loves living in the modern age, and can’t wait for the day when she has her own flying car. She learns the secrets of disguise and stealth, of assassination and infiltration. What impresses me is just how many indie authors are in there, going neck-a-neck with well-established Big 6 authors. Nobody’s out there searching for “cross-genre” stories. It’s my friend Nin’s long-lost grandfather. Thanks for reading! 1. Lindsay is a full-time independent fantasy and science fiction author who loves travel, hiking, tennis, and vizslas. But even that might not be enough to save her. I’d slowed down on my blog and podcast. It’s a long one! Agents of the Crown (The Complete Series: Books 1-5): An epic fantasy boxed set, ( The kingdoms’ querulous lords are united only by religion, a wyvern cult ruled by an eccentric High Priestess. I signed up for KDP Select, and I think that helped a little, but downloads on free days never totaled more than about 200 a day. After the unexpected arrival of an anonymous package, Edward quickly discovers the tools to forge his malevolent fantasies into reality. (The Books2Read link will take you to all the book links for the various stores.) They’re a mix of epic fantasy and urban fantasy titles. About this time last year, I wrote up a blog post detailing how I was doing, financially speaking, on my new e-publishing endeavor (I got my start in December of 2010). Are you leaving people hanging with cliffhangers? ). At the time I thought that was a mistake that would be fixed (the MO for Book 1 was for new chapters to go up once a week), but it looks like they’ve changed the way they do things over at Podiobooks, and they’re posting the entire audiobook in one day for everyone. The scene takes place after Storm Forged (Death Before Dragons Book 6) but there are only a couple of mentions of things that happened in Book 6, so you can read this before reading the novel if you like. The king is missing, a secret organization is hunting sorcerers, and the capital is more vulnerable than ever to enemy attack. No, I’ve come across people who are doing phenomenally with one book (this tends to happen more often in broad-appeal genres such as thrillers and romances rather than things like epic fantasy and science fiction), but I have found those folks to be the exception rather than the norm. Secrets of the Sword 1 (Death Before Dragons Book 7). And when genres blend, we like it even more. It should pop up in all the stores in a couple of weeks. We think that people will read one of our books and immediately put us into the stalk-this-person-relentlessly-so-I-can-buy-their-new-books-the-instant-they-come-out category. They understand that genre is a marketing label that helps publishers and bookstores, but has very little to do with what interests the reader.,,, In the end, you have to find what works best for you, but I think it’s important for one’s sanity to make sure sales and financial goals make sense relative to the amount of work we’re able to get out there. Does all this mean that there’s no hope to make good money self-publishing if you can’t put out a lot of books on a regular basis? Welcome to the home of indie fantasy and science fiction author Lindsay Buroker! Your author audience with understand the financial concerns here, as I need to balance price for the consumer with royalties earned. Death Before Dragons Bonus: Interview with Col. Willard. Crazy times, guys! What a great idea, and it’s a deal for the readers, too. But an especially cute tiger cub! No ads. But they’re very contemporary books, with the pacing of a modern-day thriller. Everyone knows dragons have been extinct for over a thousand years. An early reader emailed me, when only volume one was out, to say he’d be willing to pay more per volume. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve checked out authors’ most recent blog posts via their Twitter links (often they’ve retweeted something of mine, and I want to return the favor), and I get to the post and think…hm, I can’t imagine many people finding this interesting or useful. That being said, this is still no remedy for a poor story, and it does take some amount of planning and a lot of foresight to make it work. Thanks for reading along! If I see comments off, it’s akin to seeing zero comments. With the release of volume three of The Scion of Abacus, the serial began to live in the sub-30,000 zone.

Christmas Light Stencil, Pacific Nw Trail Map, Mike Judge Voices King Of The Hill, Jss Academy Of Higher Education And Research Courses, Providence College Niche, Causes Of Demotion,

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