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is larne a nice place to live

24 August 1980: Rodney McCormick a Catholic, was shot dead by the, 11 July 2000: Andrew Cairns a UVF member, was killed by members of the UDA, The Town Park sits above the picturesque Promenade area, with walks from, The Chaine Park contains the burial site of James Chaine and offers picturesque views over the. While recognising the current challenges facing the local economy, the Forum is optimistic that much can be achieved to help sustain and grow the Borough’s economy by 2015. On the eastern side of the inlet is a peninsula called Islandmagee. Methodism seeks to be "a friend to all and an enemy to none" and this is what the Larne circuit has tried to achieve through many years of ministry. Joint Collaboration Projects for local businesses will be progressed with other Councils in the North East region. For the past seven years, Livability.com has released a data-driven list of the Top 100 Best Places to Live in America. In 1914, Loyalists opposed to the Home Rule Act 1914 prepared for armed resistance. Town (and civil parish) in County Antrim, Northern Ireland. The following is a list of townlands within Larne's urban area, along with their likely etymologies:[31]. This Church describes itself "as one of the oldest Presbyterian congregations in Ireland ". The newly restored Town Hall has just opened its doors to the public once more, having undergone an upgrade costing in excess of £3 million. Retail Development will be supported through business seminars and retail specific projects in association with the Town Development Manager. [5] It has been used as a seaport for over 1,000 years, and is today a major passenger and freight roll-on roll-off port. The term Larnian has even been coined by archaeologists to describe such flintworks and similar artefacts of the Mesolithic era (and one time to describe Mesolithic culture in Ireland as a whole). The works and projects included in the £150,000 programme on part of Main Street have now been completed and further funding of almost £88,000 was provided towards a Spruce-Up programme for Dunluce Street, Lower Cross Street and part of Point Street. It was built with basalt and sandstone dressings. In an episode known as the Larne Gun Running German, Austrian and Italian weapons with ammunition were transported into the ports of Larne and Bangor in the dead of night and distributed throughout Ulster. A number of themes and projects have been agreed as priorities for the Economic Development Strategy 2011-2015. This market is different from most others with live music and many local independent crafts, artisans, food, drink and other businesses involved. Larne is twinned with Clover, South Carolina, which has named one of its schools, Larne Elementary School,[56] after Larne. This gave the regiment the right to march through the towns of the borough with 'flags flying, bands playing and bayonets fixed'. Business Networking will be supported through a series of seminars and events providing networking opportunities and information on business topics. To the west of Larne is the ancient volcanic formation of Antrim Plateau, with its glaciated valleys scenically sweeping down to the sea to the north of Larne in what are known as the Glens of Antrim. Together with parts of the neighbouring districts of Antrim and Newtownabbey and Causeway Coast and Glens, it forms the East Antrim constituency for elections to the Westminster Parliament and Northern Ireland Assembly. There are a number of educational establishments in the area: In memory of a battle in the town of Musa Qala in Afghanistan in 2006, involving the Royal Irish Regiment, a new regimental march, composed by Chris Attrill and commissioned by Larne Borough Council, was gifted to the regiment on Saturday 1 November 2008 in Larne, during an event in which the regiment was also presented with the 'Freedom of the Borough'. The Curran park has a large children's play area, bowling facilities and camping. The revitalisation programme was delivered through separate Steering Groups facilitated by Larne Traders Forum in association with the Town Development Office. The new Lisburn and Castlereagh District Council area has been named the top place to live in Northern Ireland. This Church of Ireland parish church was constructed in 1962 in the then newly built Craigyhill estate, Church of God Larne. Later anglicised names include Wulfrichford, Wolderfirth, Wolverflete and the surviving name Olderfleet. 8 September 1975: Michael O'Toole a Catholic, died from his injuries sustained in a loyalist booby trap bomb attached to his car two days previously. The Protestant rebels from this area (almost entirely Presbyterian) filled Larne and engaged the government forces around 2am on the morning of 7 June. The Methodist Church throughout the circuit is involved in many community and ecumenical organisations throughout the town. The previous Superintendent the Rev Andrew Kingston was always in awe of the great relationship this group built up between the churches in Larne. In the 13th Century the Scots Bissett family built Olderfleet Castle at Curran Point. The final will take place in October 2012. Knockdhu, north of Larne, was the site of a Bronze Age promontory fort and settlement.

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