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how does a propane refrigerator work animation

in the 1930s as a non-toxic replacement for ammonia. If the fridge is on remember to turn it off when required to stay safe. More How does the fridge on propane work To understand the exact working, you would need to be technical guy or a professional rv repairer or refrigerator technician. Both absorption and compressor refrigerators essentially use a refrigerant that has a very low boiling point (0 degrees F). the ideal temperature for a refrigerator? Then when it’s time to leave you have a bunch of food to bring home. I have read through several owner’s manuals from different companies about travel trailer and RV refrigerators and I did not come across information describing restrictions on using the refrigerator while towing. Yep. By the way, if you have ever turned your car off on a hot summer This could happen during the accident or just after. Most gas refrigerators reuire 1″ to 2″ clearances behind the unit and 6″ above the unit to allow for air flow. Generator or boiler – generates ammonia gas, Separator – separates ammonia gas from water, Condenser – where hot ammonia gas is cooled and condensed to create liquid ammonia, Evaporator – where liquid ammonia evaporates to create cold temperatures inside the refrigerator. The propane could get trapped in a storage compartment or a cavity under the trailer. ammonia. Electric refrigerators use compressors, electric motors, and cooling fans; gas refrigerators have no moving parts. tell if the light in my refrigerator goes off or not Plus, food poisoning while camping is never something I would want to deal with. What is The unit is sealed and pressurized and is non-field-repairable. valve. If the camper is off level two things can happen. I have let the refrigerator run on propane while towing down the road and it has worked very well. Since it relies on a cycle that has one or more of it process compromised you might get to you camp site to find you have warm beer and spoiled potato salad. This rapid evaporation is what cools the refrigerator. ››Tell Silent operation; no vibration, no motors. No moving parts, which means no mechanical wear and tear. The coils on the back of the refrigerator let the hot ammonia gas dissipate its heat. The key to successful food transportation is to plan your meals ahead of time so that your leftovers that need to be kept cold can be kept to a minimum. It’s a neat concept, but does it really work? The ammonia gas condenses into ammonia liquid (dark blue) at high pressure. Purpose of Refrigeration, Parts of The propane supplier Amerigas recommends turning off all gas appliances and the valve at the tank while the vehicle is in motion. This means you must do it before you even pull up to the pump. First the flame does not contact the boiler as directly, causing the ammonia solution to not boil as much. I prefer to have more ice-cold drinking water, so that is what I use. This allows the refrigerator to act like a cooler that we filled with ice. If you don’t open the fridge it will stay colder longer, just like in a power outage. For this reason, the refrigerator must be kept level. If it can be frozen and then allowed to thaw in the fridge, freeze it. Food poising while camping is defiantly going to ruin your trip. RV refrigerators work by heating up an ammonia solution until it boils. Contact with the hydrogen lowers the ammonia pressure enough that the liquid ammonia evaporates. The refrigerator has five main parts. A refrigerator does not cool items by lowering their original temperatures; instead, an evaporating gas called a refrigerant draws heat away, leaving the surrounding area much colder. This could result in melted ice cream—a complete disaster for my family—and food spoiling while on the road. Refrigeration without the electrical grid. In the evaporator, the ammonia mixes with hydrogen gas. Heat provides the energy needed to producer pure liquid ammonia. If you are a visual learner and are interested, here is a YouTube video with animation on how RV fridges work. No electric needed for reliable consistent refrigeration. A typical RV refrigerator cooling unit consists of four major components; the boiler, condenser, evaporators and absorber. The high-pressure ammonia liquid flows through the expansion valve.You can think of the expansion valve as a small hole. The fridge never started, there was air in the line. However, CFC-12 is not toxic to humans, so it is safe to On one trip I was in hurry to leave, unplugged the camper from the house, and hit the road. Pure ammonia gas is highly toxic to people and would pose a Inside a refrigerator (1), we change a liquid into a gas to pick up heat from inside the cooling cabinet (2), pump it outside the machine, and then change it back into a liquid to release its heat there (3). I have also had it do very poorly and everything got warm and melted. Teh bubbles carry a mixture of ammonia gas, liquid ammonia, steam, and water up through the pump. ozone layer. The fridge tried three times to start and then turned on the check light. What is the Evaporation is a cooling process, and it is this step that produces the cold temperatures inside the refrigerator. Refrigerators that use electricity, by comparison, use compressors. A propane refrigerator is a type of absorption refrigerator, which is simply a refrigerator that uses a heat source to provide the energy needed to power the cooling system. CFC-12 Many large industrial refrigerators still use blue), its temperature dropping to -27 F. This makes the inside of How Refrigerators Work, The Purpose of Refrigerators and air conditioners both work on the principle of cooling through evaporation. harmful to the ozone layer, so in the 1990s, all new refrigerators I didn’t wait to confirm the fridge switched over to propane. They have no moving parts, and this makes them very reliable. Why is the Once you arrive at the campground turn on the fridge and remove some of the frozen water bottles and all of the ice packs from the fridge and put as many as you can into the freezer for the ride home. Information! ... here is a YouTube video with animation on how RV fridges work. Then once you leave the gas station you must find another safe place to pull over to turn the propane back on. The Best State Park Camping For Snowbirds This pure ammonia liquid flows downward into the evaporator. The Best State Park Camping For Snowbirds. Fire to cool. to How Refrigerators Work, The That noise is the sound of However, if you’re like me a little light bulb goes off and you say to yourself I am driving with an open flame behind me, there must be some risks to this situation and what should I do to avoid these risks. Fire to cool. But should you use your propane refrigerator in your travel trailer while towing? This cycle requires that the camper will need be level for the fridge to work its best. (dichlorodifluoromethane) has about the same boiling point as Lets see few basic processes that you may or may not need to know as an RVer. The short answer is Yes, you can tow with the fridge running on propane. were developed, giving the industry a strong push into the household market because of their suitability for use with small horsepower motors. For brats, boil them in beer and freeze so all you have to do at the campsite is heat them up and char the outside. Freeze all your meat or make Foil wrapped meals or potatoes that can be frozen and then places on the grill or camp fire to cook. CFCs (chlorofluorocarbons), originally developed by Du Pont If you live in a cabin, an RV or other form of off-grid home, then a propane refrigerator is the solution to your problem. a Refrigerator, Understanding function of the fan in a refrigerator? It’s a neat concept, but does it really work? Turn the fridge on two or three days before your trip and set it to its coldest setting. This allows the air to circulate in the fridge. In the 1970s, it was discovered that the CFCs then in use are Coffee Makers Work, How As a result, the hydrogen gas is released, and it floats back up the evaporator where the cooling cycle can be repeated. Many RVers prefer state park camping for the cheaper rates and easier access to outdoor activities. The compressed gas heats up as it is pressurized (orange). The hydrogen and ammonia gas then enter an absorber coil and the hydrogen gas returns to the evaporator and the liquid ammonia returns to the holding tank where it recombines with the other chemicals and starts the process over. threat if the refrigerator were to leak, so all home refrigerators The liquid ammonia and water bubbles out of the top of the pump and then flows back down to the generator / boiler. If you are traveling a distance and want the fridge to be extra cold without turning it on, use salt water in the frozen bottles. To power a refrigerator. The condenser is made of metal coils covered with cooling fins that remove heat from the ammonia gas, which then condenses back into liquid ammonia. refrigerators. So, before you even get to the gas station you must find a safe place to pull over and turn the flame off, then drive to the gas station. You may also need to turn it off before entering tunnels or boarding a ferry. › Introduction to How Refrigerators Work › The Purpose of Refrigeration › Parts of a Refrigerator › Understanding Refrigeration › The Refrigeration Cycle › Gas and Propane Refrigerators Depending on the area, most state parks have... link to Thousand Trails Chesapeake Bay RV Resort Video Tour, link to The Best State Park Camping For Snowbirds. Don’t pack it as tight, the air needs to move around to keep things cold. Thousand Trails Chesapeake Bay RV Resort Video Tour. Refrigeration, Gas and Lots The Reference Book, How This should give you several hours of driving without having to use propane to power the fridge. Food Preservation Works. The ammonia boils at a lower lower temperature than water and begins to bubble. side of the hole is a low-pressure area (because the compressor is After weighing all the risks of possible fires, and our food spoiling I choose to set up our refrigerator like a cooler before we leave. If you choose to run the fridge on propane while driving remember that it is required by law that you stop and turn off all gas appliances before entering a gas station. Propane refrigerators change the gas back into a liquid using a method that requires only heat, and has no moving parts. That means that as you go up and down hills and around corners your fridge is going to have to work harder to keep things cold. heard a hissing noise under the hood. IF you are still interested on how the process works you can click HERE and it will explain what each component does in the cycle. Everything was cold including the ice cream when we got to camp. Pack your frozen and non-frozen food items in tight and surround them with frozen water bottles or ice packs. The liquid ammonia is then combined with hydrogen gas in the evaporator and becomes a gas again. I think the overall risk of fire and explosion is low even if there is an accident, after all some cars run on propane.

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