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happy birthday to one of the most beautiful souls i know

@katherinekellylang ️u! My lovely son, Happy Birthday to you! The birthday candle of this most-sweet occasion will forever remain enflamed in my heart. May the divine grace and blessings of Allah always stay with you, dad. If you need a birthday gift for a very special person in your life, we recommend that you access the following catalog and choose the gift that you like most for that person. Happy birthday. Best Birthday friend! May Almighty bless you with all the happiness and joy in your life! Congratulations! Enjoy your day. Birthdays are meant to forget the past and welcome the future with a new zeal. Have a great birthday, stranger!. May Allah grant you a life filled with happiness, love, and prosperity. Congratulations! This birthday celebration is immersed in the joy that a very bright future with lovely companionship lies ahead of you. There’s nothing in my life I wouldn’t sacrifice in a heartbeat to get you back into my arms again. Now that you have these great happy birthday wishes for someone special, you can send a lovely card to that person you love so much and wish him the best in his day. Today is the day when you were born, and for this reason let me say that I wish you to be blissful in every way. I’m lucky to have you. Enjoy this special day of your life to the fullest. Sweetheart, I love you so much. Beautiful words are last forever. We love you! Make sure you give him/her the finest birthday wish to make his/her day extra special. Life threw a lemon at you but instead of making lemonade out of it, you peeled it then ate it. I sincerely pray to Allah to add more joyful days to your life and take away all the sadness and sufferings! These are wishes you can send as a private message or post publicly on social media, addressed to someone you like. Here’s to a woman that will surely look so good and smoking hot even at 60! You became the joy of the family, and from that moment, we celebrated that special moment. I want to stay with you on every birthday. May this special day be the start of an amazing, prosperous and bright future for you. May Allah bless you with a long, prosperous life ahead! I could never do such a thing! Happy birthday. I am wishing that you will have an exciting life with full of prosperity and merriment. You are that vital piece that makes my soul complete. I love you so much and wish you a happy birthday. May this day be the beginning of a wonderful phase in your already happy life. Enjoy! I hope Allah sends his angles to care and guide you in the coming years ahead. Sending you my sincere wishes and prayers! I know I put you through a lot of pain, but please find a place in your heart to forgive me because I’m extremely sorry for my foolish mistakes. Happy Birthday! Happy returns of the day, I love you. May we share a stronger bond in the upcoming year. I love you. Happy birthday, babe! You bring happiness everywhere you go, hoping that you will get your happiness today which is your birthday. Having known, you were the best thing that could happen to me in life because now I have the joy of sharing with you every day, and of living unforgettable moments that will remain forever in my heart. Spoil yourself today. I wish that you will have more years with you. You are one of the kindest souls I know, so I genuinely pray to Allah for showering you with good fortune and joy! Stay blessed & have a splendid day! Great happiness! You will forever mean the world to me because you are my life and paradise. It is a day that deserves to be celebrated, so without further ado, “Congratulations, spend the best day possible.”. Happy birthday. Happy Birthday, my friend! Have fun for me today. Happy birthday, babe! Wonderful Bday. Happy birthday! Glad to spend this day with my birthday queen. You could’ve chosen anybody to share your life with and I am so thankful that you chose me! Have a joyous day! Happy Birthday. Happy Birthday! May Allah fulfill all your dreams! Happy Birthday to the most funky and most awesome brother ever! Happy Bday Pal! Happy birthday, my hero! Happy birthday. Congratulations on your day, and have a great time because such a special person deserves a phenomenal birthday. In my eyes, you will always be the most beautiful woman on earth. This day is more important to me than all of the holidays that occur throughout the year – combined. Today, may the heavens bless you with all the special things that bring bliss and contentment into your heart. Thanks for being my happy pill. November Enjoy your day. I love you. If you are looking for beautiful birthday wishes then you have come into the right place because we got what you need. Happy Birthday! Wishing you a blessed and cheerful birthday celebration. I remembered it with all my heart, and that is a big deal to me just as how you meant to me. We believe that the people around us will always support us, but sometimes we are wrong. Happy Birthday! I miss you! My dear old friend, may you have a magical day today. Happy birthday. Today is your birthday, and that is why you can ask for everything you want, you will see that life will grant it to you because it knows that you are a unique being. Unexpected Happy Birthday Wishes for a Secret Crush. There is no person as kind, humble, and caring as you, and that is why I am lucky to be by your side. Wishing you a blessed and virtuous life ahead. I thank God for having you, and I ask that it be so for a long time. I love you very much. He is the creator of everything. May Allah bestow you with a prosperous and joyous long life! What matters most in life is you here with me. May you get every help you seek from Allah. You almost have everything, well except for a healthy body so that is what I am wishing for you to have. Wonderful Bday! Miss you. These birthday wishes can be shared publicly or privately on social media and they are sure to gladden the heart of your boyfriend, girlfriend, wife, or husband and remind them of how much they mean to you. And whenever I kiss your sweet lips, I experience paradise. Let’s never do this again. Wish them a happy birthday and also extend your blessings towards them. May Allah bless you with knowledge and wisdom. You’ve taught me how to choose to love, and I promise to choose love even when it’s inconvenient. I can never thank you enough for what you so profusely gave me all those years. Today I want to see you blow the candles on your cake and share with your family and friends that great joy that you spread to us day after day. I will bring you the sun if you asked me to just to show you how immensely powerful my love for you is. Happy Birthday! Happy birthday, my sweetheart! May all your dreams come true by the grace of Allah. May Allah accept you as a good person, bless you to have a great life now & forever. Congratulations on the day of a very special person. in your life, we recommend that you access the following catalog and choose the gift that you like most for that person. Happy Birthday, friend. Wonderful Birthday to the ever coolest and sassiest Aunt in the whole planet. Happy birthday. With this new year in your life, comes my fresh resolution to do everything I can to make you happy. Happy Birthday! I wish you a happy day full of smiles because you do not always have the joy of celebrating another year of life. Happy birthday, my love! Happy Birthday! Thank you for being such a wonderful wife, an amazing friend and a true inspiration to me. When we were together as lovers, my heart always felt great happiness. May the Almighty Allah showers you with more success and the glorious years as you enter your new year. That’s my sincere wish for you on your birthday! Therefore, I have decided to travel to be by your side on this special day, and remind you that you are an exceptional human being. Congratulations to a very special person on his birthday. Have an amazing birthday packed with blessings upon blessings! I will be with you the less you expect it! You are the reason I live. I can never ever survive in this world without you, my precious husband. On your special day, I pray to Allah for your happiness. May Allah also keep you healthy and fine. 3,882 Likes, 16 Comments - Actress (@gail_mabalane) on Instagram: “Happy birthday to one of the most beautiful souls I know...inside and out. Happy Birthday! If I could reverse time, I would change all the things I did to break your heart. Happy birthday. Happy birthday, my precious love. Happy Birthday to you, my brother! I wish you could take me back into your loving arms and let’s have a new beginning. Your love is the only key that is capable of opening every door of opportunity in my life. Wish you a wonderful birthday. Happy Birthday, sweetie! Happy birthday, beloved husband. Thank you for completing my soul. Such is the power of your love, my dear. You deserve all the best, my precious. The most beautiful onomastic in the world! I am so glad I have found the love of my life in you. Happy birthday, stranger, and may all your dreams come true. Happy Birthday! I would like it to be a very special day for you and everyone around you today. My dearest wife, I wake up every morning and I just find it hard to believe that I’m on this incredible adventure with you. Happy birthday to someone who is deserving of every beautiful thing and who should have the best day ever! Today, may you receive all the good fortune your world can contain. hoping they will guide you and can inspire you enough to express yourself in the best way and making explicit a sincere feeling. Best Bday dearest sister! Everlasting joy is all I wish for you, simple but meaningful just like you. Happy Birthday! Life is precious. Happy birthday to the light in my world! ” Thank you for being such a loving and caring wife. I must tell you that our journey together has so far has been both amazing and enlightening. Congratulations on your birthday! Today, everything around seems to be more beautiful, because God knows that it is the birthday of a special person and has decided to give him an exciting day. I love you very much. Happy Birthday dear friend! Never forget how much I care about you. Your warm and comforting arms are the only place in the whole wide world where I want to spend all the days of my life. With age comes wisdom and sensibility. It’s your birthday, and you deserve to be surrounded by lots of people who want the best for you. Happy birthday, my dear! I hope that this day will finally bring a long awaited smile on your face. Spare no expense at all. Wishing you all the great things. Islamic Birthday Wishes : Birthdays are undoubtedly a special occasion for people of all ages.

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