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fallout: new vegas i put a spell on you train leaves

To help alot of people out, i found out how to get the monorail to NOT blow up. Happened to me. At this point you will actually be able to enter the train and you can find the bomb in the vent. If one has killed the spy without eavesdropping on him, and after defusing the bomb on the monorail, but one is not given the dialogue option to complete the quest. Never did the quest.Sorry i cant be of help. joetheman:Does anyone have the same problem FINDING the bomb materials to blow up the monorail? Pick up the explosives in the trash can by the ticketing counter at the Camp McCarran terminal building. you need to hear him contacting the legion, he goes to the back of the aiport (the walled in part outside where the planes are kept outside contreras' shack) at night to contact the legion, theres a terminal against the wall where you need to go, sneak in and just listen to him talk, then you need to go to the monorail (level above Hsu) to disarm the bomb, then you can talk to Hsu to complete it If you are trusted by the NCR, you should actually be able to walk right past them. I started a new game and it was fine. I pick up the bomb supplies from the garbage can, wait for the shift change, and go onto the platform. If a previous save is reloaded before defusing the monorail bomb and letting the monorail blow up, one get the dialogue option to complete the quest. All I want to do is not have the monorail blow up, but I have already killed Curtis in my game. Check out the control tower during the night (between 1:00 and 2:00 AM) and listen in on the spy. Go in, he becomes hostile, kill him. Tried through console commands (resetquest & resurrect), but to no avail. TJM8:this game is full of problems to the point that I will say that this is not a finished product. Do not leave until it explodes, as it may stop the quest from being completed. There are enough graphic and gameplay bugs in this game to make it basically unplayable unless you're lucky enough not to run into the bad ones. It kinda works, but the monorail still blows up. He shows up at some time at night, don't wait inside it. The player character does not have to trail him, instead they can wait at or near the entrance of the tower at around 12 am (in-game time), remember to stay hidden. The Spy told me he hid it in the garbage can by the ticket booth, but no garbage anywhere has it. Travel to Camp McCarran and speak to James Hsu. We are working on resolving the problem" but the monorail will never be fixed. I can't personally confirm they were, but I highly doubt you failed a quest for no reason. Once you collect the explosive charge, you are committed to the Legion arc of the quest and can't use the monorail even if you fail the mission by killing Curtis. The bomb is located inside the train car, at the air vent, next to the inside door. What train are you talking about? Although the game might just always have a copy of the NPC colonel curtis in the terminal in his room at all times. I ransack the whole place and make it to the end of vault, after triggering the last event of the vault a prompt comes up and says I have failed blah blah house blah quest. Immediately stop (maybe even crouch) and listen to the entire dialogue.3. Captain Ronald Curtis is an officer of the New California Republic Army, heading Bravo Company at Camp McCarran. Well that makes sense. If one gets stuck at waiting for Captain Curtis to send his radio message at the McCarran Control Tower. I'm now unable to complete this quest, just stucked in a tower and everything will fail it. Zetsubou-Sama:Did the quest, it worked just fine. If you reputation with the NCR is high enough, you can get the quest from Hsu. My fault, I didn't really make that clear. If he is not seen by 3 A.M., enter the tower and stay hidden as per the next instructions. Enter the tower and exit, Curtis will no longer be aggressive. The quest is selectable but there is no marker and all the text is darkened. If your reputation is not high enough with the NCR, you'll have to sneak by the guards. After talking with Curtis, follow the map marker to the garbage can in front of the ticket counter, and take everything inside it, which includes Monorail sabotage plans and the Explosive Charge. The captain just stands near the radio, and doesn't trigger the radio talk. If you talk to Hsu, the train will take off and explode before you can reach it.5. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. The mini-mod shouldn't touch the bomb's location at all. The game DOES have its share of bugs, but I've gone through about 30 hours of it so far, and the quests seem pretty solid. So someone's getting the word out. Report to Colonel Hsu and frame Private Crenshaw. Find out who this agent is. "I Put a Spell on You" is a 1956 song written by Screamin' Jay Hawkins. Investigate the late-night break-ins at the Camp McCarran control tower. The guy (and the quest) clearly stated it was "in the trash can". Return to James Hsu (M25A:1) and report back that you've found a spy. As soon as I'm inside, the radio pvssyr is going on, and I get the 'listen to the radio message' optional, so I wait, without moving, until i get to listen to whole message. The guy told me to look there, and the quest pointer is pointing at it, but I cannot interact with it in any way. On top of everything else, I can't send a squad to a bathroom break without someone ambushing them. The mini-mod shouldn't touch the bomb's location at all. It is possible to talk to the auto recording just above the door of the monorail by standing on the seats, although the only thing one can say is goodbye. Plant an explosive charge in a vent at the back wall of the McCarran monorail car. Report Colonel Hsu's refusal to Captain Curtis. However, one can also wait until around 2:50 a.m. and enter the building, he will already be in the tower talking on the radio. Also check that the script update is enabled in the data files. The third option does not provide anything. This can be quite common if you are doing the quest. Then loot the Activation Code from his body. Wait for midnight and enter the tower.2. Actually, how do you get to that point? Report to Colonel Hsu and tell him about the evidence in the footlocker. So somebody's getting the word out. A few hiccups here and there, but any time you run into something quest-wise, before you think it's a bug, keep dinking around. Commander Curtis walks by and asks me what I'm doing, then tells me to wait for the guy after some talking. After Curtis becomes hostile, he is fair game to kill. Went back to Hsu and only option to say was "The monorail is destroyed." PATCHED. I finally looked it up to see where the monorail place was and when I got there the train only had the option to go to the strip. Move back by one of the planes to the right (the plane closest to the wall is a good place), and wait until about 12:30 a.m. At about 12:55 A.M., Curtis can be seen walking towards the tower. Sorry, we've got no plans for mobile versions of this game guide. I have searched in google but haven't seen anything. Or is it a story quest? Use a stealth boy when you first go into the command tower and listen to his whole conversation and then you can talk to him, have him attack, and disarm the bomb. I am stuck between a rock and a hard place on this quest. Afraid I didn't get that far. Curtis otherwise will commit suicide after being reported to Hsu. You are not permitted to copy any image, text or info from this page. A voice explains that only one of you will get out. I believe anyone who confided in the mole about the spy using the tower will have this issue, I just reloaded it from a previous point to before I started the quest guessing this will fix the issue. Repairing 'I Put A Spell On You' ... Are you positive you're at the stage after you confront and kill the spy in the tower, but before you disable the bomb or the train leaves the platform? Hello, I'm doing this quest "I Put a Spell on You", in McCarran, and I have to deactivated a bomb in the train, the problem is the FREAKING train leaves when I enter the zone of the train, I can even reach to enter it. If one has entered the monorail and in the tram it is possible it leaves and explodes with the player character still inside, though they will still be killed. Google the quest (I put a spell on you fallout new vegas). Copyright © 2000 - 2020 GRY-Online S.A. for, unofficial game guides, walkthroughs, secrets, game tips, maps & strategies for top games.

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