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examples of persuasive speech in the odyssey

Persuasive Speech Topics. Athletes should be made to take a drug test frequently. Persuasive Speech Examples . Students involved in cyberbullying should be expelled from school. 5StarEssays is the #1 ranked global leader in essay writing. Is there an alternative to animal testing? The divine sanction of Odysseus’s actions always excluding Poseidon, shows a shift in acceptable heroic courses of action, which is towards the employment of metis. Why do men consider women to be not funny? Should C++ be eliminated from the face of the earth? It is in light of this that Odysseus is forced to demonstrate quick wittedness and therefore best exemplify his capacity for metis and persuasive speech. Select a topic that will help you to write an engaging, outstanding and impressive speech. Parents should go through their kids belongings on a daily basis to look for drugs. Why is driving a sports car not practical for everyday use? Single Speeches and Variations on the Battlefield, Chapter 6. It therefore undermines the forbearance of metis that the audience has been instructed in prior to the climax. Lack of financial education is a real problem in society. The moon landing was a lie. He employs a simile to illustrate the sight of his companions being eaten to his audience. Depression impacts the immune system of a person. Homer’s meticulously constructed post-Trojan world in which to use a cliché ‘brains triumph over brawn’ is shattered by Odysseus’s lack of mercy and treatment of the bodies and disloyal servants following the initial slaughter. This will also help them understand your purpose for writing the piece in the first place. Home Blog Speech & Debate - A Complete Writing Guide with Topics Reasons for not keeping forest animals as pets. Money Back Being honest with your parents can get you in trouble. It should be mandatory that kids should learn a second language. Pick-up lines can come in handy at times. The significance of placebos in medicine. United States should make further technological advancements. High school students should be taught a foreign language. We’re not off-shore, and every essay we write is 100% original, with the highest level of composition and research. Parental pressure and its effect on athletic kids. Who is this speech for? It is this extended wandering that arguably leads to the death of his whole fleet and so Odysseus can be answerable for the inadvertent murder of all his men. Fast food is the major reason for obesity among children. Life is a test with no preparation and retakes. Facts that prove there’s life on other planets. The following two tables categorize and total i) the speeches and ii) the speech introductions in the Iliad and the Odyssey book by book. Ipads and tablets should replace textbooks and other college books. GUARANTEED, 95% Christmas is a pagan holiday, not a Christian one. Students should consider opting their passion as their major. Totals for each type of speech introductory formula within each speech type are given book by book horizontally across the chart, and are totaled for each poem at the right side of the chart. Research will also allow you to write well and appear well informed about your subject. To avoid this as often as Odysseus chooses to shows great skill on his part to resist an almost instinctive need to be recognized for heroic deeds by one’s peers. Should we give away the pet that harmed someone else? Finding perfect persuasive speech topics can be challenging. One-on-one Conversations (Iliad), Part II. This shows a lack of foresight on Odysseus’s part and an inability to judge the characters of his “faithless comrades” (Book X, 114), two qualities required in a sound demonstration of metis. Then his speech of encouragement (Book XII, 147-8) expresses many persuasive elements. 2. The example of the Aeolus episode demonstrates a flaw in Odysseus’s leadership skills; it is difficult to understand why he does not explain to his men what the bag contains (Book X, 113-5). Odysseus is able to do what others cannot, that is to experience temptation without the punishment that accompanies such a transgression. Advertisements should be changed, they play with our minds. Persuasive. Odysseus’s capacity for persuasive speech is established in the Iliad, as cited above, he is also sent as part of the embassy to Achilles (Iliad, Book IX) because of his verbal skill. Plastic surgery is becoming a habit instead of a medical procedure. One may wonder as to the relevance of discussing Odysseus’s cunning when the Homeric world believed in overriding fate. He begins by calling Arete’s father “great” and then speaks of the “wealth” Alkinoos and his guests will be able to bequeath their children, suggesting they are all successful men. The Sirens offer knowledge, only to lead men to their death. It is likewise relevant to consider that Odysseus’s natural gift for intelligence is respected by the gods and not punished. Social networks cause more damage than good. It was also his six “strongest of arm and sturdiest” comrades who were taken from him (Book XII, 148), suggestive of a deliberate punishment for not heeding the demi-goddesses advice. This means that Polyphemus will therefore not suspect “Noman” to be an odd designation. Full-verse Speech Concluding Formulas. The customs and behaviors of the societies Odysseus encounters are irreconcilable to the world he left when he went to Troy. How can minimizing paper waste help to preserve trees? You may also see speech examples for students. One may consider the way in which Odysseus must often rely on women in order to further his homeward journey. If you feel that you do not have enough skills for writing your persuasive speech, you can hire professional help. Schools should not have physical punishments. This seems to suggest that they do not value Odysseus and do not feel compelled to keep his faith. Focusing on Odysseus’s handling of his identity in this episode, one can see that it involves the hero delaying his answer to the giant’s question until the latter is inebriated. He uses the paradigm of a fisherman in an extended comparison between his catching a fish and Scylla’s treatment of his men. Young adults and children should be kept away from chat rooms on the internet. The story of a displaced hero would be thus intriguing to a Homeric audience. Netflix is the reason for eyesight problems in the young adults today. In the assembly of the gods Zeus talks about how it has been decreed that Odysseus will return home (Book I, 3), then Tiresias tells Odysseus that he shall arrive home and live to old age (Book XI, 131). It also demonstrates a weakness in Odysseus’s ability to speak persuasively. However, one cannot overlook Odysseus’s rejection of Circe’s command that he not arm himself before Scylla. With this in mind perhaps the audience is less impressed by Odysseus’s feats of cunning as the outcome is preordained. Although all types of formulas introduce all types of speeches (with the exception of reply formulas that use a verb containing the -μειβ- root, a category which is restricted to “reply position”), these data show that different kinds of formulas appear at vastly different rates for different types of speeches. African- American achievements should be celebrated. Homer “creates” a hero who must find different ways to confront obstacles than those he would formally have employed. Washington, DC 20008 |, Part I. Speech & Debate - A Complete Writing Guide with Topics. The custom of xenia was well established in the Iliad, particularly in Book IX where the envoy to Achilles feast twice within hours in order to avoid offending their hosts. Acting on your rage shouldn't be a thing. One-on-one Conversations (Odysseus and Penelope), Chapter 3. Childpronography laws should be improved and made much stricter. One may find this a startling occurrence but Odysseus’s speech is such that it belies any fear or urge to take action against his person. One ought to consider that while Odysseus employs metis to secure an opportunity to exact his revenge on the Suitors, it is brute strength he requires to string the bow and physical violence he utilizes in order to achieve their deaths.

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