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I was not aware of its meaning beyond the Otter connection — very interesting. This list of Australian Aboriginal group names includes names and collective designations which have been applied, either currently or in the past, to groups of Aboriginal Australians. Oh dear, Tarka Cordell was tragic as well, and even Tarka the Otter had a bad end. It’s a Slavic name which is short for Miroslav, meaning “glorious peace”. Copyright © 2020 Name Generator.

It means that you CANNOT use these credit cards for any financial transactions or place online orders at any stores.

Translations of this name as “hollow tree” or “burned out tree” in baby name books can be safely discarded as invention. Richard and family may end up on the blog some time. Please stop, If I called my dog Uluru would you be unhappy. In India, tarka is a word for seasoning added to a meal, and in Quechuan, a tarka is a type of flute played by the Indigenous people of the Andes. I love names like Tarka which have so many meanings in so many languages around the world. In the book, Tarka’s name was meant to suggest the barking sound that an otter makes. I think it’s attractive. Obviously, they’re technically and officially unrelated — but I do wonder sometimes whether the Universe has something subtle going on when I encounter such coincidences. Dingoes play a major role in Aboriginal myths and legends; in stories they are often guardians of humans who can warn them of the supernatural or evil spirits. It’s listed as one of the Indigenous names by museums, so I feel fairly confident it’s authentic. 6363 Rowes Lane Morgantown, KY 5780, United States. Comprises dialectical groups:, Juat, Balardong, Njunga, Njakinjaki, Wilman, Pindjarup, Pibelman (Bibulmun, Bibbulmun), Keneang, Minang (Menang), Koreng, Warandi, Whadjuk. If you like the sound of Cooper but think it seems a bit boring or surnamey, Kuparr might be for you. Gournditch-mara, Dhauwurd wurrung, Dhawurdwurrung, Gungorogone Gungoragone, Gungorologni, Gungarawoni, Gungurulgungi, Gungurugoni, Gunwingo, Wengi, Wengej, Gundeidjeme, Gundeidjepmi, Gunwingu, Kulunglutji, Kulunglutchi, Gundeijeme, Margulitban, Unigangk, Urnigangg, Koorungo, Neinggu, Mangaridji Mangeri, Indjilandji Indjilindji, Injilinji, Intjilatja, Wanindilaugwa, Andiljaugwa, Andilyaugwa, Wani-Ndiljaugwa, En Indiljaugwa, Amakurupa, Andilagwa, Lamadalpu, Awarikpa, Warnindilyakwa, Yirrganydji, Irakanji, Yirkandji, Yirkanji, Yirgay, Yettkie (misreading), Illagona, Wongulli, Dungara, Tingaree, Dungarah, Dingal, Jiwadja, Jiwadja, Juwudja, Iwajia, Iyi, Eiwaja, Eaewardja, Eaewarga, Uwaidja, Unalla, Limbakaraja, Limba-Karadjee, Iwaiji, Tarula, Tjauen, Djouan, Djauun, Jawin, Chau-an, Tweinbol, Adowen, Djawin, Djawun, Djauwung, Charmong, Djauan, Jitajita, Ita-ita, Ithi-ithi, Eethie-eethie, Eethee Ethee, Yetho, Yit-tha, Yitsa, Tjuop, Yitha Yitha, Jukambal, Jukambil, Yukambal, Yukambul, Yukambil, Yacambal, Yookumbul, Yookumbil, Yoocumbill, Ukumbil, Yookumble, Yoocomble, Ucumble, Yukumba. ), Minjangbal, Minyung, Minyowa, Gendo, Gando Minjang, Gandowal, Ngandowul, Cudgingberry, Murawari, Murawarri, Murrawarri, Muruworri, Muruwurri, Murueri, Moorawarree, Marawari, Marawara, Muruwari.

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