5 Signs that Finance is the Field for You

5 Signs that Finance is the Field for You

You’ve ended your last high-school summer vacation and are now heading to university, questions plague your mind about your future. Your parents obviously want the best for you, also, for some reason, it seems like your friends already have everything figured out, but what about you? The first question, (apart from which university you’ll be heading to) is, “what on earth am I going to study?” well, if numbers make sense to you and you really, really love money then finance might be the right option for you! Read on more to know about some of the more obvious telltale signs that finance is the right path for you!

  • You’re a quick-learner

As demonstrated by Wolf of Wall Street, finance is a cut-throat field with a super steep learning curve, you need to be on your toes almost always for a chance to learn something new, the market is never stable, developments happen in an instant and the calls you make at that particular moment can possibly decide the future of your money for a very long time.  If you fit the profile of your typical finance major, you’re the kind of individual who puts in the effort, day-in-day-out to keep up with the trends of the market, industry trends and even keeps up with sudden developments of a particular organization you follow!

  • You’re Persistent

In the field of finance, let-downs are plentiful, an unpredictable field that can turn the tables on you in an instant- you, however, don’t take it too personally, the ability to shake things off quickly is a quality you’ve managed to cultivate over your entire life! Stress and negativity can quickly impact anyone over a period of time, but you, as a finance major learn quickly and learn fast to shake the negativity off like water off a duck’s back.

  • You’re the man with a plan

As mentioned above the world of finance is topsy-turvy at best, however, if you’re fit for the industry, you’re the individual with a Plan B, always one step ahead of the game and always in control during a calamity.

  • Attention To Detail Is Your Forte

Small mistakes in the copywriting industry (like mine) do not really matter in the grand scheme of things, at best, no one notices the error, at worst, and it’s a little embarrassing and discredits you as a writer (until you fix it). However, on the opposite of the spectrum, a small error in the finance industry, a misplaced comma, an extra zero can spell catastrophe for you or your client. Therefore, if you’re OCD about detail, you have a shot at finance!

  • You love Problem Solving

At the end of the day, all things simplified, finance is just numbers which have different meanings attached to it- but these are numbers which don’t make sense to the average human, but you, you’re a special breed, it’s like the numbers talk and you have a knack for it, if you truly enjoy numbers, finance may just be the field for you!


And there you have it, 5 signs that you should pursue a finance degree! Of course, there’s much more to it, but that can only be discovered by further research, if you’re looking for an internationally recognized Finance (Undergraduate) Degree, look no further!

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