4 Signs You’re a Born Marketer

Are you the kind of person who looks at an advertisement and think to yourself that you could probably do better? Designing to you is not just making a pretty design but the way you can communicate with people subconsciously. And lastly, you always feel like you can improve what you’re doing. If you feel this way then you might be fit to study or even be a professional marketer!

  • Business is Strategy More Than Just Profit

There’s obviously no doubt that business sense comes naturally to you, but while the center of attention for other individuals would be number focused, for you, it’s how you can play the market in a way that facilitates the growth of your business, both brand, and awareness-wise, and also to aid in expansion. Business is almost like chess, with every section of your business acting like a pawn, and you controlling the board, like a king.

  • You Can Read People

‘Psychologist’ is your middle name, or at least ‘aspiring psychologist’, you’ve always wondered about how people work, how influencers work, the decision making process before buying items. You’re also keen on understanding and pinpointing market trends which more often than not, go viral in the future. Not only that, once you’ve spotted a product or taken note of a trend you also start thinking of ways to market that product/trend better and imagine the possibilities if said trend/product was used by a business you particularly fancy..ah the possibilities seem endless.

  • Design Is A Language To You

Every aspect of a company’s design, be it the colors they use, the words encrypted onto the design hold influence of their own and the pictures employed can change customer perception to no end. Design to you, is more than just a pretty sight, but a language- you cannot stand poorly designed flyers or even clothes and despise companies for how shamelessly they use the same design for different product lines!

  • You’re Just Like Batman

Marketing is almost like detective work to you. Your mind is analytical and you look at this unconventionally, almost like you’re connecting the dots to solve this one big case in your Batcave. You can integrate effective and relevant marketing strategies to imperfect marketing plans to make them perfect, and you can obviously deliver the intended message without complications, making everything perform just like clock-work!

And there you have it, 4 telltale signs that marketing is the perfect field for you. You’re analytical, a deep-thinker, a psychologist, a designer, a writer and a strategist all in one. Pretty close to Batman himself if you ask us!

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