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Short Courses

The role of HR in an organization has changed drastically from the early days. HR now undertakes administrative responsibilities added to that of personnel recruitment, it also offers strategic advice often, acting as a consultant during difficult searches for the ultimate competitive advantage. The skills and capabilities an HR department needs to have leads to a proactive and connected approach to not only recruitment but business strategy as a whole. This SHRM workshop develops these new capabilities to enhance performance from individuals and expand career options for said individuals.

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The Board’s Role in Strategy Development

The board is the be-all and end-all for all organizations, it is these senior level managers who set the tone regarding a company’s culture, image and have a direct impact on the corporate governance strategy the organization can and should employ. At the heart of it, the board should be responsible for the following things to develop an effective corporate governance strategy;

  • Review the company’s ethical standards and positions and legally comply by developing programmes and procedures to achieve corporate governance targets
  • The board should also lookout for the organization’s vulnerabilities and protect it against enterprise risks
  • Monitor and enjoy a healthy relationship with shareholders, employees and other stakeholders
  • Monitor corporate performance and adapt/develop strategic plans to achieve long-term goals.

The Future of Corporate Governance

This training course sheds light on the future of corporate governance as well- will there be a greater focus on trust and transparency by businesses? Will there be reforms to the current corporate governance practices for private companies or will it all be the same?

5 Days
10 Participants per Group
$1,999 per Participant
  • Graduate Students
  • Mid-Level Managers / Senior Managers
  • CXOs
  • Executives
  • Increasing HR capability.
  • Increasing Individual confidence to influence and implement services.
  • Increasing HR impact on organization and business success.
  • Increasing individual performance and career opportunities.
  • Inspiring excellence.
  • Module 1. Context and Demand for Strategic HR
  • Module 2. Cooperate and Aligned HR Strategy
  • Module 3. Strategy Implementation – Performance and Rewards
  • Module 4. Strategy Implementation – Resourcing a Talent
  • Module 5. Strategy Implementation – ODD and Related Metrics

For Programme Enrollment & Registration Please Contact:

Dr. Edward Roy Krishnan
Managing Director


* You can also reach us real-time using our Live Support Or Contact Us on the website. Our representatives are available from 9AM to 6PM, Thailand time.

$1,999 per Participant

Upon successful completion of our short-term 2-Day, 3-Day, 5-Day, 10-Day or 15-Day programmes, with at least 80% attendance at the scheduled training sessions, participants would earn the Bangkok School of Management certification. In addition, participant who successfully obtains BSM certification would also qualify for a UK accredited certification, conditional upon

  1. submission of a 1,500 word essay concretely describing how he/she would utilize what he/she had learned from the training in his/her own job role, at his/her respective organization/company
  2. pay the assessment and certification fee of $250 USD. The award would be conferred by the College of Birmingham (COB) / School of Business (SOB). The certification will be verifiable online through the official COB, UK website. Please contact your training coordinator for more information.


UK accreditation and certification could be earned for this training, subject to submitting a 1,500-word essay concretely describing how you would utilize what you learned from the training in your current job role, in addition to paying an assessment and certification fee of 250 USD. The award would be conferred by the College of Birmingham (COB) / School of Business (SOB). The certification will be verifiable online through the official COB website. Please contact your training coordinator for more information.

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