Master of Science (MS) in Mental Health Psychology (Self-Study Mode)

Find out all you need to know about our Master of Science (MS) in Mental Health Psychology (Self-Study Mode) degree here at BSM Thailand, in partnership with The European Global School.

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DURATION:  6 - 12 Months
TUITION FEE:  $4,500 (approx. 150,000THB)
COURSES:  12 Courses


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Master’s Degree

Is Master of Science (MS) in Mental Health Psychology (Self-Study Mode) Best Option For Me?

Despite an increase in scientific productivity and material success, statistics show that the rate of mental disturbances in terms of suicide, Alcoholism, Drugs, Marital Breakdown and the like are increasing at an alarming rate. It would seem that as the material comforts of life have increased, mental health is deteriorating. Mental health is achieved if a man develops into full maturity according to the characteristics and laws of human nature. Mental illness is resultant from the failure of such development.

The demand for professional counseling is on the rise. Alongside, the practice of professional counseling in the 21st century is faced with challenge and opportunity on many fronts. The counselor, whose working environment may range from clinic to school to private practice, will face a wide variety of counseling concerns and a vast client population.

6 – 12 Months
12 Courses
Distance Learning

Due to the challenging, yet rewarding nature of the counseling profession, this programme takes the counselor and counseling student through a range of pertinent issues from multicultural concerns to Internet counseling, from PTSD through Expressive Arts, and many more. By the end of the programme, one could confidently say that he/she has achieved a great deal knowledge, skills as well as practical exposure to the noble helping profession of counseling.

Note: European Global School is recognized as a private establishment of higher education in France with an official status from the French Ministry of Education to award Bachelors, Masters and PhD degrees. European Global School is also fully accredited by Accreditation Service for International Schools, Colleges and Universities (ASIC). ASIC is an educational accreditation agency recognized by British Government’s Home Office and UK Border.

  1. Starting with Psychology
  2. Work and Mental Health
  3. Understanding Depression and Anxiety
  4. Social Psychology and Politics
  5. Psychological Research, Obedience and Ethics
  6. Motivation and Factors Affecting Motivation
  7. Investigating Psychology
  8. Introduction to Child Psychology
  9. Professional Relationships with Young People
  10. Mental Health Practice
  11. Challenging Ideas in Mental Health
  12. Becoming a Critical Social Work Practitioner

Entry Requirements

  1. Possess a recognized Bachelor’s degree or its equivalent.
  2. Completion of previous higher education degree in the English medium.
  3. Possess at 3+ years of professional experience in the field of psychology/counseling/mental health/social work/any other related areas.

Admission Procedure

  1. Complete the application form, including the statement of purpose section, and submit it along with all relevant documents (could be done online, or through BSM agents or partners).
  2. Application will be reviewed and upon approval, a conditional acceptance letter will be issued by Bangkok School of Management (BSM).
  3. Upon receiving the conditional acceptance letter, the student is to pay the enrollment fee of 3,000 USD to Bangkok School of Management, or BSM agents or partners (note: students could start their self study of individual courses at this stage, while waiting for the official confirmation of enrollment at the European Global School (EGS-Paris).
  4. In 4-6 weeks, the student would receive the Student Registration Certificate from EGS – and at this stage, he/she could verify his/her official status at the university by visiting
  5. Student continues to self study all the 12 courses until he/she is ready to submit all 12 Statements of Participation (SOP) + 12 Reflection Papers (RP).
  6. Student submits all 12 SOPs and RPs to authorized personal at BSM ( or to BSM agents or partners (via email), along with remaining fee of 1,500 USD to Bangkok School of Management, or BSM agents or partners.
  7. 12 SOPs and RPs are reviewed, assessed and evaluated.
  8. Student is conferred with the nationally recognized, internationally accredited EGS qualification.

Minimum duration to complete the MS (Self-Study Mode) programme is 6 months and maximum duration is 12 months – students who wish to request for extension should write directly to – an additional extension (without any penalty) of 3 months will be granted based on evaluation of reasons provided for the delay in submission of all 12 SOPs and RPs. Beyond the 15 months period, students will need to extend their enrollment status by paying an additional $500 USD and submit all 12 SOPs and RPs within the next 30 days. Failure to do so would result in needing to re-enroll for the entire programme all over again.

One Time Payment:

Total: 150,000 THB

Installment Payment:

1st Installment –   62,000 THB
2nd Installment – 52,000 THB
3rd Installment- 42,000 THB

Total – 156,000 THB

Partial scholarships are available. Please submit a 500 word essay stating why you should receive the scholarship and submit it to

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Find out all you need to know about our Master of Science (MS) in Mental Health Psychology (Self-Study Mode) here at BSM Thailand, in partnership with The European Global School. .Please fill out the details below and we will schedule a trial session for you. Thank you for the interest in MS!

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